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Letter of RecommendationLetter of Recommendation
Client: Kelly Decker
Daughter: Melissa
Age: 8 years

Brenda Paradis has been our daughter's riding instructor for three years. Our confidence in and appreciation for Brenda has only grown throughout this time.

Brenda's kind and gentle nature compliments her vast knowledge of total horsemanship. Each lesson, she takes the time to point out where our daughter is improving and other areas that still need to be worked on.

I have been so impressed by Brenda's comprehensive training. Melissa has learned balanced riding techniques in Western and English riding disciplines, groundwork, showmanship, horse anatomy, grooming, and horse training, as well as trail and show riding skills. Melissa has grown in her love for horses, self-confidence, her ability to ride and control her horse, as well as her ability to multi-task.

Brenda has not only taught Melissa to ride a horse, she has exemplified the importance of total equestrian proficiency, and we are so grateful!

Kelly Decker

Letter of RecommendationLetter of Recommendation
Client: John Nowell
Age: Adult

I began taking riding lessons from Brenda almost three years ago, when I moved my horse to the Double B Equestrian Center in Wylie, Texas. I was interested in pursuing Western riding. Double B management recommended Brenda to me.

From the first lesson, I found Brenda to be very knowledgeable and able to communicate the skills I needed to learn in a variety of ways. My confidence increased significantly in a short period of time. I feel that my and my horse's ability to work together as a team increased three-fold during our first year of studying with her. We have continued under Brenda's direction to develop new skills, as well as improve and polish old ones.

What I most appreciate about Brenda is her teaching approach: She challenges us to be the best we can be, but at the same time is very patient and encouraging as we strive to master new skills. As an adult rider, I genuinely appreciate this style of instruction. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone at any stage of riding development.

John Nowell

Letter of RecommendationLetter of Recommendation
Client: Gail Cameron
Age: Adult

Within the last 4 years, Brenda has trained 3 of my horses. The first horse that she trained was a young filly, from groundbreaking to general riding. This mare was in training with Ms. Paradis for approximately 1 year. Brenda taught this horse excellent ground manners and how to be an easy riding horse, developed a smooth gait and trail riding ability, trailer loading (she'll practically load herself), and showed her in some open shows. This horse was so well broke that I felt the necessity to give it to a Christian Camp for Youth, to ride. Needless to say, the mare is doing well and a joy to have at the Youth Camp.

The next horse was purchased from Ms. Paradis and was an ex-race horse. She has helped us take him from a "speed" horse to a nice trail and all around horse for my husband. Both my husband and I can ride him, then ride him again after being off for weeks or months, with out any problems. He is a terrific week - end horse. He also has excellent ground manners, listens well to commands and loads in the trailer like a dream.

I currently have a 2 - year old gelding that is being trained by Ms. Paradis. My hope is that he will be competitive in Reining. She has taught him excellent ground manners, trailer loading, equitation skills, trail riding, and how to be a good riding horse, as well as the specific maneuvers required to compete in Reining.

I believe that these horses are so good because Brenda puts so much time in ground training, as well as riding. As a customer, I never worry that my horse is not being worked and standing for days without training. That can't be said for all trainers. She communicates well with me and keeps me up to date on the progress of my horse. She is always ready and willing to show me the new things that my horse is learning and what I can do to help in this process. I highly recommend Brenda as a trainer and would trust her expertise to improve the skills of any horse under her care and guidance.

Gail Cameron

Letter of RecommendationLetter of Recommendation
Client: Sarah Serfling
Age: 14

Brenda has been my riding instructor since I was 9 years old. I am now 14 with a precious Welsh Cob mare of my own, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful Brenda has been as a teacher and a role model.

During riding lessons Brenda explains things clearly and concisely, and always treats her students with respect. She offers plenty of praise, and corrects riding mistakes in a positive manner. She never yells, raises her voice, or shows impatience. She is calm and relaxed when she teaches, while at the same time always encouraging her students to improve and achieve their very best.

Brenda is interested in how each individual student learns and she works hard to get to know each student. She tailors her lessons to match the needs and interests of every student, from young children to adults, and from serious, competitive riders to those simply wanting to enjoy time with a horse. One of the things I love best about studying with Brenda is that she supplements her riding lessons with books, videos, and other materials about the theory behind riding, training, and horse behavior.

However, the most amazing thing about Brenda is the depth and breadth of her own personal experience with horses! Not only can she teach both English and western riding lessons, but after hanging around her barn for a number of years I've discovered that she can also start a colt, gallop a race horse, nurse a sick horse back to health, compete at the top levels in western pleasure, run barrels, convince any horse that he wants to load in a trailer, teach the foundations of dressage, train a reining horse, judge a horse show, pamper pregnant brood mares, and design individualized physical therapy plans for healing injured horses. Her knowledge of horses seems boundless and I love learning from her!

Sarah Serfling


Horse Training $550 for 30 days (inc. full board, training, lessons with horse & owner)
Riding Lessons $35 per hour (at the Diamond B Equestrian Center in Royse City);
$45 per hour (elsewhere)
Full Care $275
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Gift certificates are available.

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