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Horses are my passion. Anytime some one asks, "How long have you been doing this?," my first reply is, "I was riding before I could walk." This is my story.

Diamond B Equestrian CenterMy grandparents were in the racehorse business. They raised and raced quarter horses in Idaho, Oregon and Nevada for many years. I remember riding around the arena again and again, in the saddle in front of my granddad. After I was too big to do that anymore, I had a pony that mom and dad would haul up to my grandparent's place as often as possible. Granddad taught me how to train him. When I was about eight years old I started negotiating with Grandma to have one of her horses. After convincing my mom and dad that I needed a horse of my own, she agreed to sell me one. I chose a sweet little blood bay colt out of a group of yearlings; he cost me $500.00. In order to pay for him, I worked it off by cleaning, grooming, foaling and training. Grandma kept track of it by the hour and deducted it from the balance on my horse. I named him Cracker. It was love at first site and we became inseparable. I trained him myself, with some guidance from my granddad here and there. That's really when I got the bug, the "horse bug." My granddad says that once you get it, you can never get rid of it. I had several horses come and go through the years, but that little blood bay with the Roman nose will always be my favorite.

Diamond B Equestrian CenterThrough the following years I broke colts and exercised horses as often as I could around the community. I also showed in 4-H and took grand champion Green Horse on several occasions. After high school I attended Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center, which is a riding school in Waverly, West Virginia, known for its in-depth equestrian program. All of its courses are related to horses by theory, science and practice. I rode western and dressage there, graduating with a Riding Masters V. I then worked for numerous trainers and owners in different states, training in various disciplines (cutting, reining, barrel racing and polo). I also rode a lot of sale horses and broke many colts; some for show, some for racing.

Diamond B Equestrian CenterAfter moving to Texas, I didn't work with horses for about five years, during which time I pursued a corporate career. I missed the horses terribly but I gained certain valuable skills that enabled me to open and operate my own horse training and riding instruction business. I have developed a training and teaching program called "Be One Training" which envelopes the essence of "Becoming One" with the horse through the use of natural horsemanship skills. I am an advocate of Ron Meredith, of Meredith Manor, and Ray Hunt.

This is my lifelong dream and I hope to continue to build my business and have a long-standing reputation within the horse industry as being a "good horsewoman." I thank God daily, for the gift of this life and the ability to do what I love the most.

Diamond B Equestrian Center

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Diamond B Equestrian Center
Diamond B Equestrian Center