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Diamond B Equestrian Center
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Diamond B Equestrian CenterRiding and training horses is "a mental game played in a physical medium." You have to earn the horse's trust and respect. This is achieved by developing the power, not fighting for the power! Through the use of methodically applied directional pressure to create a shape the horse understands, you will build a foundation that the horse can learn from, and you'll be able to maximize its athletic abilities.

Diamond B Equestrian Center"Whoever owns the horse's mind, actually owns the horse." One of the most important things I do for my students is help them build a relationship with their horse. Once I consistently get the desired results from the horse, I work with the rider and the horse together. This enables me to help the rider prevent bad habits from returning and new ones from occurring.



Diamond B Equestrian CenterI believe that a balanced seat is essential for any riding style or discipline from dressage & jumping to reining, cutting, barrel racing, trail riding, or just riding for pleasure. Being a balanced rider allows you to guide the horse with all of your riding "aides" without getting in its way or hindering its movement. If you are a balanced rider, your horse will be more responsive and perform better for you, whatever the task may be.

You should ride every stride making the horse become an extension of your mind and body. Essentially, you should strive to "Become One" with the horse. You are never too old to learn. Please note that I use positive reinforcement and videotaping to help create an "effective," confident rider.

Diamond B Equestrian Center

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Diamond B Equestrian Center
Diamond B Equestrian Center